FOR scorpio


Your dreams can easily be the inspiration you need to put new project into positive form and you can easily attract people to you through subconscious thoughts.

This is a great time to do any chores that you might have to do or take a vacation, but try to avoid any laziness that is sure to find you. Ideal loves are in the picture so go find them, or perhaps they will find you. Long journeys are favored now, and should be taken advantage of.

Your perceptions are stronger than usual at this time, so forgive and be merciful to others who may have treated you unfairly in the past. Meditation and Spiritual Development can begin with this transit and spiritual Values should be shared with others.

There can be an active involvement with charitable institutions, women's rights groups and hospital contracts. This is a very creative time that should not be wasted. The intuitive mind can easily influence the thought process and this will prove to be a very "spacy" time in your life.

Kindness and generosity shown to others and at the same time you are able to visualize past experiences and see them for what they were. This is a time for meditation and self development and there can be a chance for profits in business deals or choosing a good strategy. Ideas can pay off quite well for you now.

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