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Deep feelings of hurt can arrive when you find you have been betrayed by someone who had your love and trust now and dominating others through power or sex can be an overwhelming urge, or you may decide to pursue goals with a fanatical approach.

You may decide to make some very big or dramatic changes in your career at this time. Perhaps in areas that you may not have considered before.

Overdue penalties are impossible to escape and can be called due now and things that come to pass now will seem very inevitable and disturbing to you. Avoid fanatical people and protect your valuables against potential theft! Encounters involving power struggles can arise and relationships can be terminated during this transit. Avoid being overbearing when dealing with others now as tension and power struggles can arrive in your life.

Don't get caught up in statements that breed misunderstandings and out and out quarrels with others. Major problems can arise to be dealt with and you may have to cope with contradictory forces that seem to surround your life. Stay away from those people who try to pressure you into doing something that you really don't want to do now and business or professional practices can range from questionable to fraud. Be honest in your business dealings as this time is famous for bringing dishonest dealings out into the open. Compelling urges can prove very destructive to you at this time.

You must use caution now in your quest to be the "power" over others, as fanatical behavior can get out of hand. Impulsive actions, arrogance or physical suffering in some way is highlighted.

Jealousy may rear its head for you to deal with and true tests in the use of power can arise.

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