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Be on the alert to positive trends in business and finance, you may be able to take advantage of it for your own personal use. The accuracy of interpretations of the intuitive mind are good and paying attention to details can uncover important facts that eluded you before. Practice positive thinking to rid negative though patterns. Your perceptions are right on target at this time, so be flexible in your thinking. You have the ability to bring comfort to others if you choose to do so.

Courage is found to face the future with this transit and dealings and communications with other people favored. This transit easily resolves conflicts with others and has the ability to mediate conflicts which can help you to resolve differences between people. Go over your finances and make some changes.

Fact finding expeditions work out quite well and conclusions reached now are right on target now, so pay careful attention to all communications coming to you. Communications with others can be without the use of words. This transit can bring accidents to groups of people with minor or no injuries. Blame this on the fact that the mind will be on spiritual things and not having your "Eyes on the road"!

Writing and speaking can be done very effectively now and political interests can tickle your fancy as well. This transit favors business, finance, insurance and signing papers.

Secrets can easily be revealed to others, so make sure you don't divulge something you would rather keep quiet or to yourself.

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