Career, Job and True Vocation

Career seems to play a very important role in our society. It may define us as persons. Yet, it is only through finding a good career anyone could be offered a better tomorrow. It is not just career which defines our life and gives us a purpose to live for but it is an important part of the big puzzle.

The first thing anyone asks you about is your name and the next thing is “ what do you do?”. This means that job gives you a sense of identity. It helps you get a sense of what you might be good at .

For that reason, today people are turning to astrology for guidance and direction. They are looking for ultimate fulfillment in their professional lives and this can be only through a meaningful vocation.

Saying it differently, a career or a profession is an important tool of self-expression. What matters is that what we do connects us to what we have inside, something that makes you feel worthwhile and pushes you to offer you best to life.

Astrology is the source which inspires you and tells you about you soul needs and what you are capable of achieving in one lifetime. It teaches you how to realize you dream and to create your own reality.

Actually, the collaboration of signs, planets, houses...brings about a beneficial guidance to reach the joy and fulfillment expected. All of the needs of signs, the energies of the planets and the goals of the houses help in achieving career satisfaction.

It is only through understanding planetary influences at the time of birth, anyone can be in a better position to direct their life in a more fulfilling direction.

The zodiac signs are always a good way for anyone to understand his or her personality and reveal what type of career is the most compatible with their psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual make up.

Thus, this astrological output can help you understand your specific function in life and society, as well as it will help you develop your talents and prepare you for the upcoming challenges and for a lifetime of rewarding work. Therefore, it is the astrological insights that you need to begin with in order to improve your life by finding a profession that really fits your needs.

As an astrologer, I strongly believe that anyone should be raised with the belief that their life has a meaningful purpose and that they ought to encourage themselves to find out what that purpose is.

In other words, there is nothing more satisfying than finding your true calling in life. That is why, to find the ideal profession, anyone has to know themself first, know their unique talents, gifts and capabilities and anything within them that bring the suitable job.

It is your own needs and what you want to become that defines your true calling.

For this reason, everyone needs to take pride in their potentials and abilities to do a job well. You should express expansive ideas and pursue your goals openly.

Moreover, you should opt for a profession that offers you stability, recognition, authority and enhance your unique structures.

Furthermore, astrological analysis helps you in getting an overview of how you should investigate your own talents and abilities to work within well- defined boundaries that will lead you into a leadership position in the world.

Astrology in fact, teaches you how to challenge yourself by concentrating your energies, talents and responsibilities in order to establish a place for yourself in the world. It simply illuminates your way to find the career that brings you joy and fulfillment. Here lies the usefulness of astrology for those who have some doubts about it.

Everyone should look deeply into their soul, pick something they want to express and find a way to share with the rest of the outer world, but this can be worth-rewarding only if it is proving to be useful at the same time. In other words, you should look for a career that makes you feel useful and thereby gives your life a meaningful purpose.

Last but not least, this leads to talk about another crucial issue related to that life calling which is passion. When we talk about career/vocation, passion crosses our minds automatically and without permission because the ideal is to have a job that uses your talents in the service of something you are passionate about.

Motivation and passion lead to success. This feeling that comes from within you will be your drive that helps lead you down the path to success. What matters is your attitude towards the work you are doing. Once you have such powerful enthusiasm and when you feel pride of the work you are doing, the better you can overcome any obstacle that may arise in the process of moving up in your career path. Here one can illustrate by the movie of “The Pursuit of Happiness” as a good example when the actor W. Smith stated that the secret to success is...”to find something you love to do so much, you can't wait for the Sun to rise to do it all over again”. He explained that the most inspiring leaders are those who don't work at their job, but pursue a calling.

So, passion is one of the most crucial ingredients for success. Therefore, you should follow your passion and really enjoy the job you are doing and be good enough at it. This will enhance your self-esteem and will boost your self-confidence. You can even look at the success Mark Zuckerberg has reached so far thanks to his social network “Facebook”. When he was asked about the secret behind his shining over the world with his network, he answered that “Passion and not money leads to success.” He suggested to follow that feeling or drive of happiness and explained that “...even if you don't end up making a fortune, you will at least be doing what you love.”

In a nutshell, making a good career is actually about a lot more than opting for a particular job; it is about looking for something that will provide you with a meaningful lifestyle you seek, as well as it is about finding that career which involves your individual passion, your unique talents and merges or uses both of them.

Relying on astrology will be your gate to find your dream calling job that is enjoyable and meaningful and your key ingredient of life satisfaction.

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