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Chinese astrology , the most ancient astrology method.

I have been studying Chinese astrology for a long time and I am absolutely fascinated by it, as these techniques are based on the long centuries of Eastern wisdom and they have proved themselves to be very precise, practical, insightful and straight to the point. They are very easy to be used in everyday life and can be adapted to your style of life, bringing you harmony, balance and pushing you towards the right path, which is not always what you consciously want, but always something that you really need in your life.

Chinese astrology combines the principle of Yin & Yang, has 12 Chinese signs and 5 elements. The Yin energy is a passive, female one, while Yang is associated with more aggressive and forceful male energy. Too much Yin in your environment can lead to depression and lack of productivity, while too much Yang can bring restlessness and irritation, which is why it is important to keep both energies balanced. In what concerns the five elements used in the Chinese astrology they include : wood, fire, earth, water and metal.

Wod fosters intuition, creativity, flexibility and expansion. Fire stimulates leadership qualities and emotional intercation. Earth enhances strength, stability and practicality. Metal is about acuity, independence and presence of mind. Water encourages spirituality and relaxation.

The Chinese signs of Zodiac are represented by twelve animals in the cycle repeated each twelve years.

According to the legend Buddha invited different animals to visit him and compensated those who came by devoting a year to each one of the animals to have responded to the order. This is a very siplified version that well helps you to get a glimpse of the very complex and captivating science of the Chinese astrology, thousands of combinations are possible in accordance with this elements. But what is even more interesting is the practical side of it, as this can be easily applied in everyday life and followed throughout daily routine to attract good luck. To learn more about these techniques and your Chinese sign you can order Chinese Astrological Reading.

In the first part I will work on your Chinese Astrological Profile, revealing you the profound knowledge about yourself, your relationship with others, your future and your luck :

The second part will contain your Feng Shui Report, where I will give you a practical guide on how to enhance the energy flow around you and start creating the balance, attract luck and success through its techniques. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique that is used to improve your life by improving the energy flow in your environment. It can be used in all of the areas of your life for example to attract luck, to progress in your carrier, to achieve the balance and harmony in your life and of course to enhance your romantic relationship.

The most important principle of Feng Shui is the principle of Ch’i, which can be interpreted as a life force or life energy. More generally the principle of Ch’i is used to create the harmonious flow of energy in your environment. You, as well as any other person, and even an animal or any form of life, have your own Ch’i and your energy fields interact when being close to other persons. When you are in long-term relations and you have spent a lot of time together your relations form their own Ch’i energy.

The things described in different Feng Shui techniques are quite simple and easy, and I know that you are asking yourself “How is it going to work?” The feng shui techniques pay very close attention to your environment and this is of the biggest importance to create balance in your everyday life and to understand the importance of maintaining it to make it work.

Another important thing is that all Feng Shui is about energy, I will show you how to keep your energy balanced and help you create the flow necessary for smooth and constant progress in different areas of your life.

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